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Year in Review and Year Ahead

The end of the year is a great time to pause in reflection and anticipation, practice self-forgiveness for the areas you believe you fell short, and to set goals for the year ahead. I share the following in appreciation of those that helped make this year possible for me, in hopes it encourages others to reach out as needed, and with the wish that it inspires you to take whatever your next step is for professional growth!

This past year was full of unexpected turns including the launch of the Clinical Best Practice Institute. Since I started my MFT degree years ago, I've experienced and observed the need behavioral health professionals have for ongoing ethical and clinical support. My background in law, education, and behavioral health has uniquely positioned me to provide such. For over ten years I have had amazing opportunities to provide supervision, train clinicians, and help develop leaders. I've provided countless informal consultations to colleagues and been able to teach undergraduate and graduate level courses. And for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to turn this passion for supporting others into a full-time career.

At the beginning of 2021 I was the Vice President of Behavioral Health overseeing an amazing team of 100+. My days were full of strategizing in executive meetings, developing policies and procedures, growing and developing a team to meet the needs of the community, and putting out fires. It was challenging and rewarding, but also reaffirmed on a daily basis that my true passion was in providing ethical and clinical support to clinicians and supervisors. My favorite moments were when I was directly providing consultation, supervision, and/or training. I was at a crossroad I had only experienced once before (spoiler alert: I followed my passion then too:)), do I take a risk and follow my passion into the unknown or continue with the familiar and financially stable? Following my passion not only meant some uncertainty would follow but that I would also have to transition away from a team I really enjoyed supporting and collaborating with.

In June, halfway through 2021, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be proud of, how I wanted to spend my days, what was really important to me and decided it was time to take the leap of faith. It was simultaneously terrifying and exciting. The questions spiraled...

Is there really a need for these services?

Am I capable?

Will I be ok financially?

My doubts were eased by a great support system I surround myself with and I decided at the end of June to start the journey. I spent hours and days researching and brainstorming. And on August 26, 2021 the Clinical Best Practice Institute was officially launched! After four months, I'm excited to report that I'm ending 2021 with a role that combines the best parts of every job I've had and am able to answer all of those spiraling questions in the affirmative.

For 2022 my goals are to see a steady increase each month of clients and training attendees, to continue to enhance my knowledge and skill base, as well as receive positive feedback from clients. Investing in my professional self has been the most amazing part of 2021 for me and I encourage each of you to determine what that looks like for you in 2022 and take that first step! Happy New Year!

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