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Why choose the
Clinical Best Practice Institute?

Thankful for the opportunity to support behavioral health professionals and businesses!  

"The Clinical Best Practice Institute is such a valuable resource and I wish all clinicians knew about this service.  Patti creates a safe space for clinicians to talk about ethics and best practice considerations.  Patti is supportive, knowledgeable and keeps me on the right side of my ethical obligations.  Patti provides ongoing training to our clinical team and also supports our clinical supervisors."

Born Counseling and Consulting


"Clinical Best Practice Institute has been our practice 'go to' for support with consultation and training. Whether we need assistance with an ethical dilemma, planning for a new service for clients, or insight around best practices for documentation - CBPI has helped us through it all! We are grateful for Patricia's professionalism, experience, and wisdom. We highly recommend CBPI!"

The Center for Compassion  



"Patti is warm, honest, and always holds professionalism to the highest standard. There have been many occasions I have scheduled a “panic” consultation session or need documentation reviewed quickly with Patti. Every time I leave feeling empowered, clear on the ethics, and have a concise action plan. When I have made an error or feel stuck, she helps me feel supported and often helps me feel not alone. Her services give me peace of mind when managing a practice that supports interns, associates and independently licensed individuals. Knowing I can schedule with her has significantly reduced burn out!"

Family Connections & Learning Center  



"Working with Patricia has done nothing but enrich our organization and strengthen our clinicians. She is knowledgeable, kind, and hugely encouraging of people in the helping profession. If you have the chance to work with her, you won't regret it!"

Redemption Counseling Center

"Our partnership with Clinical Best Practice Institute has been a game-changer for our practice. With Patti’s support and guidance we have been able to confidently navigate through tough ethical concerns as they arise and have made strides in improving our internal systems to be more ethically compliant. Patti is responsive, knowledgeable, and always provides sound feedback during our meetings. Having Patti on retainer at our practice makes us feel more confident and supported as a practice. I would highly recommend the bundle services to any group practice in the area!" 

Crossroads Counseling 




"We are truly grateful for all of Patricia’s expertise and are confident that we are providing the most up to date paperwork to our clients."

Phoenix Counseling Collective

"We had Patti come to our location and do training on documentation for our whole clinic. Each of our clinicians mentioned how valuable the information was to help build awareness on documenting clearly and concisely. It was helpful to have our support staff attend as well so that we have a double check system in place.

We also hired Patti to help us with our office documents to make sure that they contain the necessary information and follow all the rules and statutes required. It is amazing to have such a great resource to make sure that we have everything in place so that we can focus on working with our clients and providing the best care we can."

Arizona Family Institute  



"I started my private practice during a pandemic. This added additional stress when starting my small business. A private practice takes a lot of work, and I questioned if I was doing things correctly, and questioned what areas I needed to address. Clinical Best Practice Institute helped me answer all my questions. Patricia is always kind, helpful, and flexible to not only my questions but improving my practice and providing training for my employees. The kindness and knowledge is big for me and I appreciate all the knowledge I've learned during every consultation! Thank you!"

The Psychology Lab

"Patti came to our office and provided a training on documentation including a review of ethics and best practices. It has helped us standardize and have confidence in our documentation. She customized the training for our needs. The Clinical Best Practices Institute is an untapped affordable option for busy therapists that want to provide care aligned with our ethical and state standards. 

This consultation package has been by far the smartest purchase made for my practice this year. Patti is professional, knowledgeable, and has an ability to assess and guide with laser focus. I have often said an hour with Patti's consultation equals several hours with another professional. I find it affordable and well worth every penny."  


"Attending supervision training with Patti was personal, informative and practical. I appreciated how thorough the information was and at the end of the training I felt like I had a solid foundation to be a successful and effective supervisor.  

Of course even a very detailed supervision training cannot cover all the challenges and scenarios that come up during actual supervision. I have really appreciated the ability to purchase a package for consultation to address the concerns that arise. Each time I meet with Patti, all my questions are answered. I feel confident that I have a clear direction to move forward to resolving the concerns or deal with challenging situations. I am grateful that Patti is quick to respond when I need guidance, it calms my anxiety of making sure that I am responding in a timely and professional manner as well."



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