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Why I love facilitating Clinical Supervisor Trainings and hope you'll join me!

The Clinical Supervisor-Supervisee relationship is arguably one of the most important and influential relationships a clinician will have in their professional career. Articles, classes, and trainings are invaluable, but nothing can fully prepare new clinicians for that transition from theory to practice, for the challenges and rewarding experiences that come with sitting face to face with a client. Thus, the importance of ongoing supervision and support as clinicians hone their clinical skills, navigate ethical questions, develop their sense of self as therapist including style, needs, and limitations. Therapy can be messy, emotional, and overwhelming but much easier to navigate with an engaged and supportive supervisor. Providing quality clinical supervision allows for the opportunity to not only mentor and support clinicians, but to invest in ensuring the protection of clients and the integrity of the behavioral health field. Seeing clinicians grow and develop, watching as confidence builds, and witnessing those “ah ha” moments continue to be the most rewarding part of any role I’ve had.

There is an ongoing need for quality clinical supervisors! Some are promoted into the role but have very little training and support themselves which makes it difficult to provide what is needed. Some shy away because of the responsibility and liability that comes from the role or because of bad experiences had/witnessed in the past. Please don’t be deterred, I hope you will explore the upcoming clinical supervisor training and clinical supervisor roundtables I have scheduled for an opportunity to connect with myself and others in the supervisor community, to discuss best practices for supervision, common challenges, and how to continue to challenge and evolve as a supervisor. I look forward to sharing my passion for quality clinical supervision!

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