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Frequently Asked Questions
for Clinical Best Practice Institute

  • What services do you offer?
    We work directly with those in the behavioral health field to nurture growth and preserve the integrity of our field. Are you a therapist or a supervisor? Do you work in the field of behavioral health services? If so, we are here to guide you through moments of ethical uncertainty and the murky waters of clinical practice. Through us, you can access: • Consultations for behavioral health professionals regarding licensure, ethics, and clinical practice. • Training for behavioral health professionals and businesses/organizations. • Clinical supervision • Other services per request What types of questions do professionals seek your services for? Is this a situation which requires me to make a report to DCS or the police? How do I document my reporting? I am an associate looking to open a Supervised Private Practice, what do I need to consider and do? I've been asked to provide clinical supervision for an associate in a Supervised Private Practice, what should I do next? Can you provide feedback on best practices for working with couples and families in general? I’m opening a private practice and would like help drafting forms to meet best practice standards, can you help? Can you provide ongoing consultations as needed? Can you provide support to help me grow and develop as a clinical supervisor? What are the best approaches for establishing a relationship with new supervisees?
  • Do you provide therapy services?
    At this time we do not provide therapy services. Instead we dedicate our practice to supporting professionals in the world of behavioral health. We believe that therapists and others in the field need ongoing dedicated support and training, and that is why we established our practice. We are available to guide professionals through challenging scenarios, answer questions regarding professional ethics, and so much more. If you are behavioral health professional seeking therapy for yourself and struggling with finding someone to meet your needs, please outreach for referrals that may be a good fit for you.
  • Do you provide training for emerging behavioral health professionals?
    Yes, we do. At present, we cater to both seasoned and newly certified individuals. No matter what stage you are at in your career, you can find support through us. We are also available to tailor trainings to your business/organizational needs.
  • Are you qualified to provide consultations and training?
    Our founder, Patricia Dobratz, JD, LMFT, BC TMH, is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Arizona and Indiana. She is also board certified as a TeleMentalHealth Provider. Her licensure and certification ensures that you’ll only receive the most comprehensive and up to date consulting and training services available today. Given our experience and training, we are more than qualified to extend our consultant services to behavioral professionals and businesses in our field. That said, there are those we are unable to extend our services to at his time. To avoid a conflict of interest, we are unable to work with those involved in an open Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners investigation or in relation to a consent agreement.
  • Are your services confidential?
    Yes, our consultations are confidential. If there is a need to share client-protected health information during your consultations with us, we will draft a Business Associate Agreement to ensure complete confidentiality.
  • What are your rates?
    We offer our services at affordable rates and hope that you consider this an investment in your professional self. Please see our services/booking pages for more information regarding rates and feel free to reach out with any questions.
  • What is your professional background?
    Our founder’s professional background spans the fields of law, behavioral health services, and academia. In the past, Patricia Dobratz, JD, LMFT, BC-TMH, has worked as a prosecuting attorney, college instructor, victim advocate, family therapist, and vice-president of behavioral health services. The wide-ranging expertise of Patricia allows us to support our clientele in a variety of ways. We approach each service from a clinical best practice lens to help ensure quality practices within the profession.
  • Are you a registered clinical supervisor?
    Yes. Since 2011, our founder, Patricia, has been a registered clinical supervisor with the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. She is currently able to provide clinical supervision for licensure in Arizona as well as Indiana. With over a decade of experience supervising intern clinicians, associates, and supervisors she is able to provide support regardless of your career stage.
  • How can we contact you?
    You are free to schedule a consultation by calling (480) 791–3709, submitting a consult form online, or by emailing us at
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