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The Why

When I opened Clinical Best Practice Institute LLC, I was following my passion for providing support to behavioral health professionals in an effort to continue giving back to the profession, increasing protection of the public, and upholding the integrity of the field in providing ethical and quality services. I recently received the following feedback after facilitating an ethics training and cannot emphasize enough how it reinforces why I do what I do.

"Patti, I feel grateful to have connected with you as a resource--both our individual consultation and this training were affordable AND incredibly valuable, thank you, thank you. What we do, who we are and how we show up in the world matters and I have zero doubts your offering for clinicians makes the world a safer place."

Ethical dilemmas are common in providing behavioral health services and it is so important to be informed to protect yourself and those you serve. I've noticed over the years that several of the ethics trainings available are overcrowded, online without the opportunity to ask questions, and/or are outdated. In addition, many professionals do not have a consultation group, supervisor, or colleague to consult with regarding ethical dilemmas nor do they have the means to hire an attorney for each needed consultation. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to help fill this gap in the community through consultations, supervision, and trainings. I appreciate not only the chance to do what I love but for the positive feedback and reminders of why this is my passion! Thank you to each of you who have given me the chance to support you!

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