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Over the years, as a student, instructor, supervisee, and supervisor I have observed the challenges experienced by therapists, supervisors, and organizations.  Regardless of time practicing or position held, ethical and clinical questions are inevitable.  The work we do and people we serve are way too important to not have quality support available when these challenges and questions arise.  The Clinical Best Practice Institute is focused on providing quality supportive and consultative services to those in the behavioral health field to help ensure protection of the public and the integrity of the field!

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Services we provide:

*A variety of services are available for recent graduates, associate therapists, independently licensed therapists, and/or businesses and organizations.


*Please review all the services the Clinical Best Practice Institute has to offer to determine which will best meet your needs and if you don’t see a service that seems to fit your needs, please don’t hesitate to fill out a booking form, call, or email to see if we can tailor a service to your needs.

Consultative Services are designed to assist and support therapists, supervisors, and/or organizations through ethical and clinical decisions.  Consultations do not constitute legal advice, but rather create an opportunity to explore the relevant regulations and ethical considerations that impact decision making, policy development, and/or next steps in clinical practice.

Supervision Services are offered to help support and train clinicians in order to ensure growth and development as well as quality services for clients. 


Training and Continuing Education opportunities are created to engage participants, address current and relevant topics, and support ongoing growth and development.  Trainings can be tailored and facilitated to meet the needs of specific teams/organizations as well.

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